Ideas for a Craft Beer-themed Wedding

Posted on: November 5, 2015

If you’re among the growing number of craft beer drinkers in Ontario, then this post is for you.

Everything from decor to the meal to your favours can all have a craft beer theme, and will make your wedding one that people won’t forget.

Here are some ideas of how you can make your wedding a craft beer themed wedding.


Apparel and accessories

Just because you’re themeing your wedding around craft beer doesn’t mean it is limited to just serving craft beer at your reception. If you’re ready to go full out, then why not use real hops as the boutonnière on the guys. These green flowers are aromatic and look like a nice accent to the normal flower.  There are also beer-themed cufflinks, tie clips, belts, etc.
For the girls, and the bride, you can also add in hops to the bouquets as either the filler plant, or just simply as an accent on stems. 
Just a note, fresh hops that are not dried can have green, oily residue on them, so just be careful rubbing them into white clothing.




Table Centrepiece

Nothing says ‘craft beer wedding’ like having beer itself on every table, and the best way to do that is in Growler form. At most breweries, and some brewpubs, you can now get freshly poured growlers of beer. For those not in the ‘know’, a growler is a large bottle of beer (normally just under 2 liters), that is poured from draft. This gives it a ‘fresher’ taste, and is great for sharing among a table. If you patron your local brewery (or have a favourite), you could try to get their branded growlers for every table to share. Not only does this give your wedding a sense of prestige, but also can help keep the line at the bar shorter.
Now if serving beer at every table isn’t an option, then you could also just purchase the growlers and use them to decorate the table as flower holder.





The Bar

Self-serve is an ever-growing trend in weddings, where people can help themselves to drinks and food. With so many craft breweries now popping up around Ontario (and all other places), its becoming more and more possible to have your own self-serve draft area. From the simple ‘jockey box’ setup (a cooler full of ice that has tap handles on it attached to a keg), or a full out branded tap area with multiple beers, your possibilities are great. Now, if you don’t want a free-for-all on the beer, simply getting a few kegs from your favourite brewery and having your own bar tenders pour is a great way to bring unique beer to your wedding party.



While this will depend on your caterer, food at a beer-themed wedding can either compliment the beer, or be made with the beer. Food that pairs with beer is probably the easiest to set up with a caterer, and then the menu can recommend a style of beer for the main courses. Food being cooked with beer is a growing trend, but will depend if you’re caterer welcomes the idea. Meats cooked in different types of beer, sauces containing beer and deserts that are either made with beer or covered in a beer-infused sauce are all getting more popular and with so many beer styles, are quite unique.



Favours are where you can have a lot of fun, especially with a beer-themed wedding. The take-homes could be anything from a customized bottle of beer, to bottle caps with your names and the date, bottle openers, to fun beer cozies. You could also have people pick a bottle of beer and hand-craft their own labels, or simply supply candy made from beer ( The options are quite large here, and can be combined together as well for an unforgettable favour.


What better venue to host a beer-themed reception than a brewery itself, and many breweries are now outfitted for large parties and can be rented out. A lot of breweries are also now more than just a manufacturing area, with full tap rooms and are built with great designs and decor. Imagine having your own tap room for the reception. Many will also supply knowledgeable bar tenders so they can inform your guests of all the beer choices.


For this type of themed wedding, the possibilities are endless. If you have a brewery close to you, go in and ask if they’ve done anything like this before and you’ll probably get some more great ideas!